Ubumi Prisons Initiative works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in prisons, the children aged 0-4, pregnant women, mothers, juveniles and the seriously ill.


We save lives! Read more about our projects, and support our work. There are many ways of supporting!

Second hand laptops:

We collect used laptops for the schools and IT-labs in the prisons.

These laptops will be used in both male and female prisons as part of the basic IT education.

At the moment we have well functioning IT-labs in Mukobeko Maximum Security Correctional Facility and Chipata Correctional Facility. More on the way

Buy a packet of food for a child or patient:

Buy a packet of food and basic necessities for a child or seriously ill patient.

The packet contains food supplement for one person in one month.

The packet contains cooking oil, eggs, ground nuts, soya protein, sugar, salt etc.

Please go to Support and donate DKK 85 - the amount indicates it is for food supplement, but you are also welcome to enter "food supplement" in the subject field.

Become a member:

We need as many members as possible to raise funds with the large donors and foundations.

The membership fee goes towards our work in the correctional facilities.

Please see how to become a member or donate here.


Are you good at writing applications and working with fundraising?

Do you want to support raising our membershipbase? Or work with communication?

Do you live in Zambia and would like to help with logistics like shopping, distribution of food and other practical tasks?

Do you often travel to Zambia and do you have spare room in your luggage?

Thank you!