The Ubumi team

The Ubumi Team

Ubumi Zambia, Lusaka

Lena Kresojevic, Country Coordinator

Sociologist (BA, MA)



Obed Kunda, Mental health adviser. He is a clinical officer specialising in mental health.


Ray Phiri, Finance Manager


Helen Smith, M&E Adviser

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Natasha Kashulwe

M&E officer

Gerald Kalunga Chimbukuma Finance Consultant

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William Phiri Farm manager at Madzimoyo Farm, Chipata.

William is an agriculturalist with a certificate in child and psycho-social counselling. he is also a trained in ICT.

Ubumi Denmark, Copenhagen

Anne Egelund, Director and Founder

Sociologist (BA, MA, PhD)



Erik Stensgaard, Admin,  accounts, IT

Clara Viltoft, Project Officer


Popular engagement projects, reintegration/rehabilitation, communication and fundraising

Christoffer Egelund, Project Officer

Fundraising, admin and communication

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Anja Egholm, Finance Manager

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