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Ubumi Prisons Initiative works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in prisons, the children aged 0-4, juveniles and the seriously ill.


We save lives! Read more about our projects, and support our work. There are many ways of supporting!

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We need as many members as possible to raise funds with the large donors and foundations.

The membership fee goes towards our work in the prisons.

Membership Fee:

Individual/family membership: DKK 150, USD 20, ZMW 200, EURO 20 or GBP 18 per year.

Students/unemployed/retired: DKK 75, USD 10, ZMW 100, EURO 10 or GDP 9 per year.

As a member, you will receive a newsletter 2-4 times a year as a service from us to you, and the opportunity to influence our work.

Important: Please remember to add your E-mail in the transfer's subject field. This is the only way we will be able to communicate with you.

Notice: Ubumi does not sell, transfer or give away to third party your name, E-mail, address or phone number. We only keep your details for the purpose of communicating with you in Ubumi matters, ie. Newsletters, General Assembly invites etc. At any time you can ask us to delete your details or be informed exactly which details we hold on you.

Should you need to get in contact with us - or have you forgotten to provide us your E-mail - please contact us on


You are also welcome to donate any amount. A donation can be entirely anonymous - however if you like to receive the newsletters please enter your E-mail in the transfer's subject field.

Thank you!

International bank transfers:


IBAN:    DK0892452450010742