News 2020
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News 2020

January 2020

Huge reduction in number of deaths

Fresh data from Maximum Security Correctional Facility in Kabwe: We have seen the biggest reduction in number of deaths in all the years we have worked in this facility.
In fact, we can pride ourselves at a 90% reduction in annual deaths compared to before we started the health project there (from 2012-2019). It is a further reduction from last year's impressive results. This is amazing, amazing news!

Thanks to Zambia Correctional Service and other partners for excellent collaboration and support.
A particular vote of thanks goes to the hardworking amazing Ubumi inmate volunteers, who work many hours every day to cook, clean and care for patients, as well as produce food for them in the vegetable garden. We are deeply humbled to have them as part of our organisation.

Lena Kresojevic (Ubumi) and Jacob (PFF) at the BBQ

With the help of supporters, we threw the volunteers, health staff and staff a nice party to celebrate.

They received grilled meat, potato salad, rice and cake, and a new T-shirt, as well as bibles donated from the Gads Foundation.

We are not allowed to show pictures of the inmates, but the pictures show Ubumi and Prisoner Future Foundation staff, who equally work incredibly hard to make this amazing impact.

216 Bibles donated by GAD's Foundation
Anne Egelund and Obed Kunda (Ubumi) and the Officer in Charge hand out T-shirts to the volunteers